When it comes to bathroom habits, there are some secrets that are kept behind closed doors including how much toilet paper the average person uses and the surprising amount of money they spend on this everyday necessity over their lifetime.

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To shed light on this topic, the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing conducted a nationwide survey, and the results were nothing short of eye-opening.

A Paper Trail of Facts

According to the findings of Mr. Rooter's Ultimate Toilet Paper Survey, it turns out that the average American uses a staggering 14 feet of toilet paper every single day. To put that in perspective, that's equivalent to the length of a U-Haul truck! But that's not all; on a weekly basis, the average person goes through over 93 feet of toilet paper – longer than the length of a majestic blue whale.

Hanging Over or Under?

When it comes to how Americans hang their toilet paper, the survey revealed an interesting preference. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents (73.4%) prefer their toilet paper to hang over the roll, rather than under.

Extra Plies and Folding Techniques

The survey also touched upon the great debate of extra plies versus single-ply minimalism. It seems that 53.74% of Americans are willing to pay for extra plies, valuing the added comfort and thickness. On the other hand, 46.26% of respondents prefer to stick to the basics. It's a divided opinion that showcases the diverse preferences when it comes to the texture of toilet paper.

In the age-old discussion of scrunching versus folding, the survey found that two out of three Americans (66.7%) choose to fold their toilet paper. This preferred method showcases the meticulous nature of individuals who strive for precision and neatness even in the most private of moments.

The New York Toilet Paper Saga

As the survey dived deeper into individual state statistics, it was discovered that New Yorkers are among the highest spenders when it comes to toilet paper. On average, they will spend a whopping $19,873.27 on toilet paper in their lifetime. To put this into perspective, that amount is enough for a down payment on a first home. It's an astonishing figure!

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