Hold on to your burritos because we've got a ridiculous story for you. According to a TikTok video that went viral before being pulled, an unhappy customer in Long Island. It includes a slapped a Taco Bell worker involving a blown-up microwave and aluminum-wrapped tacos.

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It all started when the customer tried to reheat his Taco Bell meal in the microwave. He never got the memo about microwave safety so he put it in while it was still wrapped in aluminum foil. As you might expect, chaos ensued.

After the inevitable happened with catastrophic consequences in his microwave, the disgruntled customer decided to take his frustration out on the Taco Bell employees. He stormed into the restaurant, and let them have it and demanded a refund for the tacos and to pay for his "blown-up" microwave. It is 2024, so the entire incident was caught on video and made its round on social media before being taken down.

The story doesn't stop there because in a jaw-dropping turn of events, the customer's anger escalated to the point where he resorted to physical violence. After he saw an employee smiling, he slapped the unsuspecting worker, leaving everyone around in shock and disbelief.

Details about the man's identity and charges that he faces haven't been released. However, everyone who saw the video hopes that the Taco Bell employee will press charges for battery against the irate customer.

Some Reddit users commented on the customer's lack of knowledge about microwaves, especially about the part where you should never put anything containing aluminum in a microwave to begin with..

The aftermath of this outrageous incident remains uncertain, including whether police were called and the potential legal consequences.

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