It's no surprise that Americans will be enjoying a lot of food and drinks on Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow but according to some new research, each state has its own unique game day snacks and we thought that it would be fun to see what New York's are.

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New York's favorite football watching food is chicken wings, right? No. It's not. What a shock!

In New York the research says Sloppy Joes are our go food for Super Bowl Sunday. We could not disagree more.  Then again, we aren't researchers so what do we know? Except that we think they got it very wrong.

What's a good game without a cold beer? New Yorkers love their Bud Light, but they also have a soft spot for Queso blanco.

Mr. Appliance says they analyzed Google Trends search data to find out the most popular game day food and beverages in each state and that's how they came to the conclusion New Yorkers are into Sloppy Joes. It doesn't make sense though.

From dips to beers and even non-alcoholic beverages, the study says that what you're snacking on during the game depends on where you are in the country. Apparently in New York we'll be enjoying Sloppy Joes, Bud Light, and Queso blanco this year.

But really, what about chicken wings? This feels very wrong. We know the truth and we raise a wing to you!

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