If the New York State Thruway board has its way, traveling New York’s thruway system will cost quite a bit more starting next year.

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In December of 2022, the New York State Thruway’s board of directors began the process of laying out a plan in which tolls would increase on New York roadways over the course of two different years – 2024 and 2027.

Commuters raised concerns about tolls going up but the roadways still being in bad shape and New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli has responded to those concerns.

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In a new report from DiNapoli’s office, a thorough review was conducted and it was discovered while looking at the last ten years of finances and toll hike proposals on the thruway that there were some big gaps in important information and DiNapoli says this needs to be explored before the request of the Thruway board to increase tolls is approved.

There were several areas that DiNapoli’s office expressed concern over including how to resolve systemwide cashless tolling and TMB issues, performing a comprehensive assessment of operating needs and expenses to cut out costs that are not absolutely necessary, and maximize non toll revenue sources including federal funding.

“The Thruway should be more transparent with the public and disclose crucial information and identify and put in place all possible cost savings and alternative revenue actions to minimize costs to drivers," said DiNapoli

The proposed toll increase would mean that the E-ZPass per mile rate would increase to $0.047 in 2024 and to 4.9 cents per mile in 2027. Currently, the rate is a 4.5 cents per mile.

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