In New York, when it comes to doing whatever it takes to reach our goals, we don't let anything get in our way. After all, we are New York!

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A recent survey was done by Solitaire Bliss and they wanted to find out where in America are the people the most competitive. No surprise to me that the Empire State was up for the challenge.

Let's start with finances. Congrats to New York for claiming the #2 spot as the most competitive state.  66% of New Yorkers admitted that they have a sense of pride and joy when they outdo their friends and family financially.

New York is also a force in the workplace and finds  itself at  #6 in terms of competitiveness. The drive for success and climbing the career ladder is part of a New Yorkers DNA. It's all about making our big dreams a reality.

But it's not just about the money and the job in the Empire State. New Yorkers are just as competitive when it comes to our health and fitness. The state comes in at #11 in this category, as we push ourselves in the pursuit of our wellness and flexing our muscles.

When it comes to driving, this surprised me. New York ranks #11 for having the least competitive drivers. It seems like New Yorkers are in a competition in every aspects of our lives but we we take a more laid-back approach behind the wheel.

They must not be driving on the same roads that I drive on everyday in the Empire State. Maybe we are more laid back because we know that driving the busy city streets and winding roads can be stressful enough without turning it into a cutthroat race.

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