When you think about some of the popular places in America, what comes to mind? If your a country music fan, you might think Nashville. If beaches and warmer weather is more your thing, then Miami would be on your mind.

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That is find and dandy but "small town charm" may be the way to go and good news, you don't have to look far.

All Star Home decided to find the best hometowns in America and they used four key rankings: affordable living, community, education, and safety. The community score was based on factors like diversity by state, farmer's markets in the vicinity, the average winning percentage of the area's high school football teams (go UE, CF and ME), and relatively affordable home values. .

The Best Hometowns in America

Using that formula, they were able to determine where the best small towns and cities to live in were. New York had the top four best hometowns in America and they are all in our backyard...almost literally.

Congratulations to Elmira on taking the top spot with a overall score of 78. Corning was a step behind with a 77, Utica was third at 71 and the last to score in the 70s' (and coming in fourth) was Binghamton with a 70. You can see the entire list here.

City of Binghamton Ranks #1 In Education

That's great news for the Parlor City but this is even better. The study found that Binghamton was ranked #1 in education for the city's low student-to-teacher ration. It came in just over 10 students for every one teacher. Beating out Corning NY, Hattiesburg MS, Kirksville MO, and Wheeling WV.

Take that critics, we live in a great place...but most of us already knew that.

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