Well, my question on social media this week got some people riled up. Why do you think I asked the question? Yes, sometimes I like to get people fired up. Evil, I know.

The question is "In your opinion, what is the most frustrating road, street, or highway in the Southern Tier, and why?" There are lots of answers from our listeners to be sure. Of course, some answers have nothing to do with the question, but I guess some people must show Facebook how cool they think they are.

Anyway, the real reason I asked is because there are some roads that frustrate me. My issues are mostly about the traffic lights at the intersections of these roads. There are a couple of intersections where the green light lasts for a maximum of 5 seconds or less.

One example is the intersection of Front Street and Clinton Street in Binghamton. At least on the overnight when I come into work, the traffic light side facing Front Street lasts maybe 5 seconds. 99 percent of the time, I get the red light and have to wait for much longer than the Clinton Street side. For me, that's frustrating.

And from those who answered my question, below are a few of the most mentioned roadways. Do you agree?

John M. - My Kidneys says Rt 17/86 in Tioga County.

Perk P. - Traffic light waiting to go over the Bridge to Chenango Valley. It is so annoyingly long!

Chuck n Bobbi M. - That’s easy…any road that leads me to work...lol!

Susan M.  Just about all the roads in the Village of Endicott. Especially Garfield Street.

Tammy M. - Route 12 in Chenango Forks/Greene vicinity. A lot of angry risk-takers on the roads.

Crystal D. - 17 East from Owego to Binghamton - Terrible!

Vicki R. - The Vestal Parkway because of speed demons and drivers zig zagging lanes to meet you at the next red light.

Kayce W. - Intersection of Court & Tompkins. It’ll be at least 5 years before they finish messing with the flood wall and repave the road.

Terry G. - At the moment, Floral Avenue in JC/Bing. They tore it all up to do work on it and replace it and then stopped. Now there are cones and all kinds of drains sticking up that you have to drive around, and they haven’t touched it in a week or more. It’s as if they just gave up on it. It’s horrible. I changed my entire route just to avoid it.

Ashley F. - Oakdale Rd in JC. It's a snow route and an emergency route but it's so bumpy they need to redo the road instead of patching it all the time.

Justin S. - Right lane on I-86/17 west and eastbound from Vestal to Owego.

Nathan F. - 81S to exit 4 Binghamton. They built a completely separate bridge for 17E to take for their approach to Exit 4, but then they force that traffic all the way to the left, making 81S and 17E traffic still merge together for the exit, only to moments later open it back to two lanes.

Timothy H. - Entrance ramp to 201N from the circle in JC.

Pam T. - Kamikaze curve, because people are always in the wrong lane, you need eyes all around your head to see what’s going on, just saying.

Chris O. - Oakdale Road between main st and Harry L is like driving through a third-world country. Craters in the road.

Roxie B. - The 2 roundabouts on Front Sreet. If people knew how to drive them it would be nice. YIELD TO TRAFFIC IN THE CIRCLE DON’T TRY TO BEAT IT!!

Ken C. - 26s to 434e off-ramp. THERE IS NO YIELD OR STOP SIGN.

Matt S. - The light on the service road at Chenango Bridge Road, near the HS. Sooooo long.

Gould C. - Route 11 from Whitney Point to Castle Creek. All the bumps in the road.

Jessup D. - The Chenango Bridge exit red light- I88 Eastbound.

Anthony F. - Not in the Southern Tier area, the highways mainly Interstate 81 in Scranton, PA. They have too many lanes to change especially construction all the time. They have 4 or 5 lanes on the north and south of 81. Also, their highway is dangerous and is windy and round.

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