Do you play the lottery? I leave that to my wife to play and hopefully make us rich. My mother also likes to play, but not as much as she used to. Both have won money, but nothing in the six or seven-digit far anyway. Fingers crossed!

There are several types of lottery tickets to try your luck with including state lotteries, Powerball and Mega Millions to name a few.

Mega Millions has a price of two dollars a ticket, but is that about to change? According to a recent CDC Gaming Reports website article, rumors are floating around that the price could increase.

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And if you enjoy playing Mega Millions, you might become Mega Mad, if the cost were to increase to five dollars a ticket. CDC Gaming Reports note that this information was obtained by the website Lottery Geeks from sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In the Lottery Geeks article, one industry insider said, “My understanding is that they’re stuck on $5, and I think it’s about as close to final as it can be.”

However, officials at Mega Millions have not made any official announcement or indications of a price change, so for now, it's just a rumor. If a price increase does come to fruition, would it affect your desire to play?

What could be a reason for any potential price increase? According to the Lottery Geeks article, there are several, including Mega Millions distinguishing their draw game from Powerball, which they note is frequently mistaken as the same game, and another reason is to increase jackpot sizes and potentially non-jackpot prizes.

But, unless something is officially announced from Mega Millions, the price for a ticket remains at two dollars. For more details, visit the Lottery Geeks website.

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