At the end of February, I decided to leave winter for a few days and head to Florida where it's summer every day. I still find it amazing that a person can take a flight from a cold, snowy Binghamton winter day, and under three hours, and land in a place that is sunny and 85 degrees.

Of course, winter was waiting for me with a vengeance when I returned. But while I spend a few days in the Sunshine State, I got to visit the Kennedy Space Center (missed out on any rocket launches unfortunately), spend a day in the Magic Kingdom, and attended my first New York Yankees game and first spring training game.

NY Yankees Spring Training
Don Morgan

I've been to major league games before but never made the tourney to the Bronx to watch the Yankees play. It was a great experience to watch the Bronx Bombers beat the Detroit Tigers in Tampa by a score of 8 to 5, and to see how the new rules affect the game, including larger bases and the pitching clock rule.

The game did move along as intended - 2 hours, and 23 minutes total. It was a sold-out game with an attendance of 8,427 including my brother and me.

Speaking of the New York Yankees, recently conducted a survey on the number of states where a Major League Baseball team is the most popular.

And not surprisingly, the New York Yankees are the favorites in seven states. According to the survey, those states include Vermont, Nebraska, Connecticut, Utah, Florida (transplanted New Yorkers I would assume), and of course, New Jersey and New York State.

NY Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers 2023 Spring Training
Don Morgan

The Atlanta Braves and The St. Louis Cardinals land in second with 6 states each as most popular. Sadly, the New York Mets are not the top favorite for any state, but we still love them anyway.

As for Major League Baseball team searches, the New York Yankees also topped that survey from as well with total monthly searches at 3,651,310. The Atlanta Braves came in second with 3,100,200 searches and the New York Mets landed in third with 2,342,480 searches.

Are you ready for baseball 2023? I am. Play ball!

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