Names for your pets. They used to be mostly common names. You know, Ruff, Lassie, Whiskers, Fido, Daisy, Lucy, Max, Buddy, etc.

That has changed over the years for sure. My wife loves to come up with out-of-the-ordinary names for our pets, no matter how much I object. Let's see, we had dogs named Harrison (for my wife's love of Harrison Ford), Diogi (a takeoff of D-O-G), Walter Croncat, Kaygo (as in Okay, go), Phydeaux (her fancy way of naming him Fido), and the names go on and on.

It's a cause I have abandoned since I will never win. Well, I did name one of our cats, Pepsi, because she hounded me to come up with a name and I chose the name of my favorite beverage at that time.

I asked on social media, "What, if any, was the most creative name you gave one (or more) of your pet(s)?" Thanks for all the answers. There were so many! Here's a sample of some of the interesting answers I received...

Mary M. - When my son was 5 he got a beagle puppy that he named Nobody. Imagine calling for her to come!

Karla D. - We named him Stay he came and never left. He also could tell the difference when we called his name and when to stay put. Best dog ever.

Barbara W. - A cat named Zazu.

Kasey R. - Freddie Purrcury.

Marissa J. -A yorkiepoo named Wrong Way. He was born breeched. And died, was brought back to life. So he was named Wrong way.

Dog & Cat

Jennifer K. - We just had a theme with Muffin, Cookie, & Cupcake. We joked the next one would be Bagel but never did that.

Samantha B. - Bob and Not Bob. Cat brothers.

Tomm S. - My new puppy fell asleep in the circle of my headphones on the floor. Music playing thru them was The Plasmatics, so I named him Punk!

Jeanette C. - Muette. I adopted him one week after returning from Paris where I stayed in the Passy La Muette neighborhood. His brother adopted at the same was Passy.

Tanya G. - I have two cats one named Chicken and one named Rooster and a chicken named Egg.

Group of pets sitting, white background.

Heather S. - Our son was two when we got our Bassett Hound and he named him
French Fry Ketchup Stafford. It was fun when we had to call him in!!

Karliey C. - I raised two pigs for 4h and named them Sowbrina and Billy Bob Joe Bacon.

Nelissa R. - About 10 years ago, we had a SUPER skinny cat. We named her Ani. With the last name...Rexic. Ani Rexic.

Gina L. - Itty Bitty Bat Kitty. The current 10 yr old cat, flew thru the air when kitten, pure black until he went bald from allergy to flea collar. Now has a thin white line circling his neck. Loves to hug us!

Ramona W. - Peter-Pan-Da, A Halstor's Peter pumpkin great-grandson a tricolor dog.

Dog with cat taking a selfie together with a smartphone

Eileen V. - Years ago, a lady I know found a lost dog. She would bring her to work with her at the stables. When her work was finished in this area she was looking to re-home her, so I took her home. The dog loved napping in the hay, and the lady's name was Lee. Haylee was the dog.

Ida May S. - Mr. Peepers was my orange long hair cat. He did not meow, he made a peep sound. He loved everyone and all cats and dogs.

Margherita L. - My 20yr old cat. She was born missing a back foot and had a boo-boo so we called her Boobalee. She passed away recently.

Katie H. - I named one of my horses KT's Gota Screw Loose aka Louie Lou. He's a 21-year-old registered solid-bred paint.

Crystal C. - I had 2 cats named Smith and Wesson.
 Kristine M. - I had a beautiful tuxedo cat named Luna. Luna Bell when she was being a good girl. Lunatic when she was acting a fool.

Natalie M. - My beagle is Pollywoggadoodle.

Tim J. - Here in Georgia, I had the world's most evil rooster: Roostifer.

Constance B. - We had a cat named Brains. Literally have no clue why we named him that. I also took in a feral I named Dor after Dora the Explorer. Again, no clue what my thought process was. My favorite though was a cat we called Willameany. Willamina but “eany” because she was so mean.

Todd R. - Named a female Torte Cat Rusty because she literally looked like a pile of rust. Same Time our Siamese Cat we named Sushi.

persian kitten , puppy shih tzu and chick in front of white background

Shannon S. - Our stray cat is named Roofus - partly because before we brought him in (after that 4’ snowstorm a couple of years ago) he would only sit on the roof of the heated kitty house that our neighbor has outside for the feral cats, never inside.

Penny H. - Princess Leia of Odell. named after O'Dell Avenue, Endicott. A sweet little Yorkie. 10 yrs old now.

Gina H. - Mac and Tasha (Macintosh) 2 very different stray baby cats that gratefully adopted me.

Ellen S. - Used the first initial of each one of us in the family and named our Siamese cat Samme.

Bethany A. - Misses Nesbitt for a ferret after Toy Story.

Kitten and puppy isolated on a white background.

Lynne B. - We had 3 cats - Waddington, then Quigley. We got Max the day after Quigley. Max for Maximum Limit.

Brenda W. - A white bird named Marshmallow, we had a French exchange student who thought that the bird was a bird made out of marshmallow. a black/DK chocolate brown rabbit named Hershey.

David L. - Every one of our animals, male and female has had the middle name Louise. Started in the ’80s with Forest Louise.

Michelle B. - Mister Peepers!

Autumn K. - A dog named Skunk because all we could think of was a skunk because he's black with a random strip of black going from the middle of his eyes to the back of his skull plus his breath smelt the worse out of the litter.

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