So, were you one of the two local lucky persons who won money from the New York State Lottery Take 5 drawing? Well, if so, congratulations...and I'm jealous. But I am happy for you both. Really. Sorry, I'm still a bit jealous.

According to the Binghamton Homepage website, the New York State Lottery reported a Take 5 winner who purchased the winning ticket at a Speedway in Norwich on Wednesday (9/14) resulting in a winning amount of $18,563.50.

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And on Thursday (9/15) a winning ticket was purchased at the Weis Market on Robinson Street, Binghamton, where the top prize was worth $36,958. To have two winners in the Greater Binghamton area over two days is great.

Now, if you are a lottery winner in New York State, can you keep the fact that you won to yourself? According to a recent article on our website, the short answer is no, but there is a way around it. Find out the details here. And check out our article about protecting yourself if you win big in the lottery, here.

Either way, I'd love to win some easy cash. And I'm guessing you do too. Did you know we are about to give you that chance to win $30,000 That's right. You may have heard us talking about it on the air

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[via Binghamton Homepage]

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