On Wednesday, The Sidney Police Department let the "cat out of the bag" on the Village of Sidney Police Department Facebook page, on a new member of their police force, or should I say, "dog out of the bag" since this new member happens to be a canine?

The new member of the team is "Riggs", a male German Shorthaired Pointer, just under a year old that is being trained to sniff out narcotics to help stop local drug trafficking. Did I mention that Riggs is also wonderful with children? You want that in a police dog who will be making the rounds in the Sidney community, meeting its residents of all ages along the way. After Riggs had a "test run" with Officer Terry during the last few weeks, it was decided that Riggs would be just what the Dept. wanted in a K9 team member and that is: community-oriented and able to be around small children but also able to detect narcotics for which he is currently undergoing training for. The latter will be his biggest job and his handler Officer Terry will be working with him.

Acquiring Riggs for the Department was made possible through the Southern Tier Police Canine Association Inc., which had the opportunity to take Riggs on a trial basis to see if he would be a good fit. As you can see, Riggs turned out to be a keeper since he is great with kids but also has a nose for narcotics as well. It's a perfect fit!

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Riggs isn't quite ready for duty yet in Sidney. He still has to finish his narcotics detection training but he's doing great so far according to Village of Sidney Police. To reach that goal, the department is fundraising to pay for the training. See a Facebook post below from the Delaware Valley Humane Society which is helping with fundraising efforts.

The best part is that not only did Riggs come from the Southern Tier Police Canine Association Inc. but the organization also donated Riggs as well. I have a strong feeling that Riggs will easily earn his keep in the Village of Sidney Police Department.

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