A new study claims New Yorkers are more likely to win Powerball, which is great news ahead of tonight's record jackpot.

Wednesday's Powerball drawing has swelled to $835 million, which is the fourth-largest in the game's history.

Courtesy Powerball
Courtesy Powerball

And, apparently, New Yorkers are more likely to take the cake than those living in other states.

Is New York lucky?

A new study from NYCasinos.com determined the top 10 states that had the most luck winning the Powerball. Basically, analysts pored through the lottery's history to find where the most winners came from.

New York came in 10th place, tying with Kansas and California, for having 12 big Powerball winners each.

The odds of a player winning the grand prize have a one in 292,201,338 chance. Essentially, we all are more likely to be struck with a meteorite than hitting it big on Powerball.

For those who are curious, the odds of getting smashed by a meteor are 1 in 1.6 million.

But we can still dream about winning Powerball, can't we?

That said, to live in a state that already had 12 Powerball winners is pretty impressive considering how unlikely people are to even win a couple dollars in a drawing.

Also, New York is due for a new Powerball winner because it's been 4 whole years since a local last won the whole shebang.

That was back in September 2019, when a North Evans resident claimed the $80 million prize.

What are the luckiest lottery states?

While New York tied in 10th place, here's what the rest of the list looks:

Arizona - 14 winners
Florida - 16 winners
Louisiana - 17 winners
Kentucky - 18 winners
Pennsylvania - 19 winners
Wisconsin - 19 winners
Minnesota - 22 winners
Missouri - 31 winners
Indiana - 39 winners

What happens if a New Yorker wins the big jackpot?

Since no one has won the heaping jackpot since mid-July, Wednesday's jackpot is the third-largest prize in Powerball history

If there is only one lucky grand prize winner Wednesday night, they'll be able to seize a $756.6 million lump sum. That number could go up as we creep closer to the next drawing.

However, if this theoretical sole winner hails from New York, they will also have to pay their fair share to Uncle Sam. The state will withhold 24% of the cash prize for federal taxes, along with an additional 8.82% in state income taxes.

Meaning the government will swipe $181,584,000 of the jackpot while New York will claim an additional $66,732,120.


After letting the government have its fun, a winner from New York will take home roughly $508,283,880 million from that $1.73 billion jackpot - which is still a life-altering amount of money.

It also should be noted it's not possible to anonymously claim a lottery prize in the state. Regulations from the New York State Gaming Commission mandates a winner's name, hometown and prize amount be public record.

But if you're not about that noise, then keep reading.

Lotto winners can protect their privacy in the Empire State

If you don't want family, friends, and total strangers to come out of the woodwork with outstretched hands, then there's several steps you can take to protect your peace of mind.

The first rule is to tell no one that you won. Even your parents, sibling, best friend or spouse. While you may want to celebrate and shout it from the rooftops that you're a millionaire, you should wait until the money is safely in your possession.

It's also encouraged you should consider making copies of that winning ticket and also sign it to prove it's yours. You should also consider securing the original in a trusted place. Taking these steps can help ensure no one swoops in and claims it was theirs all along.

When it comes to protecting your identity, experts advise you get yourself a P.O. box and an alternate cell phone number, so when you have to fork over that information, it could help redirect those unwanted communications away from you.

Credit - Don Peterson
Credit - Don Peterson

It is also recommended that you assemble a team comprised of an accountant, financial advisor and lawyer who are well versed in large windfalls.  This step should be taken before you even think about claiming your prize.

These professionals can help you set up a trust or LLC to claim the prize in your behalf - that is, if you're very serious about keeping your newfound millionaire status under wraps.

Some food for thought

Lotto winners are allowed to collect their prize money as a lump sum or have it paid out annually over a period of time. Some choose the lump sum to get it over with, but some money experts from State Farm say you should choose the annuity.

Essentially, by turning the prize as a long-term investment, you raise the possibility of making more money off your initial earnings. It also will ensure you won't burn through your prize money all in one go, too.

Remember that guy from California who won the $2 billion Powerball jackpot? They're already burning through their funds.

That said, it's not a bad idea to write out a wish list of all the things you want to buy with your new cash. It could provide additional structure and provide goals for you to hit down the road.

Finance experts also recommend winners adjust their estate planning to accommodate their newfound wealth, which includes the will. That way, should the unfortunate happen, their loved ones are taken care of and protected from any unwanted legal battles.

Either way, someone is winning that Powerball grand prize. Let's just hope it's someone from the Empire State so we can move up a ranking on the list of luckiest states.

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