A U.K. woman has spent over $50,000 to look like bombshell Baywatch icon Pamela Anderson.

"I get lots of attention. It’s sometimes a mixture of comments, but everyone is allowed their own opinion, so it doesn’t bother me at all,” Georgina Epitropou said about the comments she receives about her appearance, the New York Post reports.

Epitropou has had multiple breast augmentations, liposuction, Botox, fillers and a Brazilian butt lift in her quest to turn into the Barb Wire star. She said she's always admired Anderson's "blonde hair, big boobs, small waist and big bum."

"My idol is Pam Anderson. I’ve been obsessed with her look since I first watched Baywatch and always knew there was a specific look I wanted to achieve when I began my transformation in 2015," she shared.

"Men usually love my look, and women hate it," she continued, adding that although she was always "confident," before her transformation she was "just a normal girl and didn’t really get looked at."

"I just blended into the background, and that’s not what I wanted my life to be like," she explained.

Epitropou decided to go under the knife after she became a dancer in 2015 and began to feel the "added pressure of having to look good." She reportedly underwent her first breast augmentation in 2017 in the U.K., but had to seek doctors outside the country when she wanted to enhance her look further.

"I had the rest of my surgeries abroad as they’re more open-minded. I couldn’t have achieved the look I wanted to in this country," she explained.

Epitropou's beauty routine is expensive as she spends nearly $100 per month on nails, roughly $360 per month on makeup and nearly $500 every three months on hair extensions.

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