A man on Reddit is frustrated his wife has demanded he give her his entire paycheck.

"My wife is not open about money at all; she's very protective of her money but considers what I make ours," the man wrote.

He clarified that he is "cool with having a shared account she has full access to and I am fine with having separate finances if she wants that."

However, his wife wants to give him an allowance from his own earnings.

"I am not comfortable giving her all my money with no transparency and getting an allowance. There's got to be some middle ground here," the man concluded.

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Users came to the man's defense in the comments section, with many slamming his wife.

"Pretty sure demanding [he] hand over all his money and he gets an allowance is considered financial abuse," one person wrote.

"The audacity of trying to give him an allowance from his own money, while also hiding her money from him entirely is insane. This is definitely financial abuse," another chimed in.

"The whole my money is mine and your money is ours is toxic AF. You are either all in as combined ours or you are separate and figure out an equitable share for contributing to shared expenses. And unless you are horrible about managing your finances then there is absolutely zero reason to give over that level of control. What she is suggesting is a form of financial abuse (the total control, lack of transparency, lack of access, etc.)," someone else commented.

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