A man on Reddit is wondering how to approach his girlfriend about not wearing an overly sexy maid outfit during an upcoming casual night out with his friends.

The man began by clarifying he has never had a "problem with anything she wears" — until now.

"We’re going on a night out in a couple of weeks to see a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while and whom she has never met. Nothing crazy, just a standard casual night out for some food and drinks after," he wrote.

"She has ordered a new outfit for it as she is excited, however, this outfit I’m just really not sure about. The best way to describe it would be a sexy maid outfit with animal print on it," he continued, adding he plans to wear jeans and a hoodie.

He even included a link to the lacy two-piece maid outfit his girlfriend bought online.

"To me it looks like something you’d wear for Halloween or in the bedroom and not really appropriate for a casual night out. When she ordered it I told her I wasn’t a big fan of it and said it looks like a sexy maid outfit but she just said, 'Well, I like it,'" he concluded.

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Readers offered their advice to the man in the comments.

"Relationships are about understanding and compromise. It won't last if you cannot/refuse to compromise. It's not controlling to ask your partner to change something if it bothers you, but it has to be reasonable," one person wrote.

"I'm all for people, especially women, wearing what they want but I truly believe there should be limits and this is one of them," another shared.

"Women usually have no problem asking a man to put on a nice shirt or clean shoes for a nice date, so why can't men ask their women to dress appropriately for a casual night out? You're not controlling her, you're asking her to dress appropriately for the situation. She can wear that in the bedroom or at a strip club, which are the only appropriate places for this outfit," someone else commented.

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