We all know fans can do amazing things, like help their favorite singer achieve a No. 1 album, win a big award or even rally for a big cause. But over the years some fans have taken things way too far in the name of the favorite celebrities.

So far, in fact, that some have gotten in actual legal trouble for doxxing, hacking and even breaking and entering just to satiate their celebrity obsession.

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Meanwhile, others have engaged in fandom-induced hysteria, such as that time Justin Bieber was chased by fans in a fleet of boats, or when Harry Styles stans were accused of peeing in the pit during the pop star's Love on Tour concerts. Yikes!

Read on to find out more about some of the absolute wildest things fans have done to defend, gain access to or get the attention of their faves.

15 Times Fans Went Way Too Far

Find out more about some instances and incidents when fans took their passion for a celebrity way too far.

Gallery Credit: Taylor Alexis Heady

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