A man on Reddit says his wife is furious with him for supposedly going against tradition for their kids' upcoming birthdays. 

"In our house, we have two birthdays coming up: My wife's son Marcel and her daughter Marceline. Asking them what they want for their birthday, they both said that just the 'normal gift' was great," he wrote.

"Seeing that I was confused, my wife helpfully reminded me of the 'traditional luggage gift,' and then I realized. There was a family tradition of giving kids a luggage set for their 16th birthday ... but that was my ex-wife's family, not mine. I was never even involved. It was always a thing for them," he continued.

The man explained that many years ago, his former sister-in-law had a job at a "high-end luggage company," where she could get luxury luggage for "cheap" due to her discount. And so, she would gift all the kids in the family expensive luggage for their special birthdays.

However, she no longer works for the same company.

"I've always thought that tradition was stupid and a stupid amount of money to spend. Even $1,000 is way too much to spend on luggage for anyone, especially a kid. I wouldn't spend that much on myself. I tried to tell them all of this," he recalled.

The frustrated man doesn't understand why his wife is so adamant about carrying on his ex-wife's family's tradition against his objection.

"Also, it would be even more expensive for us to buy it for them than even the aunt spent ... as she had a discount. Buying the other kids' sets would cost me $2,000 each, so $4,000," he concluded.

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Users rallied behind the man in the comments, with many agreeing it was his ex-wife's family tradition — not his. 

"So the sister of the woman you are no longer even married to is now retired and no longer buying the discounted but still crazy expensive luggage ... and now your wife thinks that YOU should now spend a total of four grand on luggage for her kids who were never related to or knew the aunt? ... Oh, hell no," one person wrote. 

"He should tell his wife that as per the tradition, someone from the child's mom's side of the family buys the gift," another commented.

"If your wife wants to continue the tradition she can... by making her siblings pay for thousands of dollars in luggage. Or she can pay herself. The tradition is not for you to pay for it. Yes, it's not a parent gifting tradition, it was your ex-sister-in-law's gifting tradition," someone else chimed in.

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