There are so many new laws in Western New York and the entire State of New York, especially after the pandemic has begun. It has been, in some cases, a challenge for New York State landlords, who during the pandemic were not getting paid rent for one way or another.

Do you HAVE to be given a receipt for your rent from your landlord? Do I NEED to have a receipt from your landlord?

There are so many laws, both big ones and smaller technical ones, that have been passed by New York State that both the landlord and you, as a tenant should know.

First, you have a RIGHT to a receipt.

Don't get confused though. On social media, one tenant was mad saying she was going to go after her landlord because she was not given a receipt for her apartment in Cheektowaga. You need to ASK for one, first. But only once. I would recommend having that in writing either by email and / or text message so you can keep that for a record.

  • If you pay rent in cash or money order, your landlord must provide you with a receipt.
  • If you pay rent by check, you may also request a receipt.
  • After that, your landlord has to give you a receipt every month.
  • Your landlord must keep proof of cash rent receipts for 3 years.

Make sure you are paying on time because if you don't you can expect a letter from your landlord too and they can take action.

Your landlord must send you a written notice by certified mail every time you are more than five days late with your rent. If your landlord fails to provide you with the notice, you can raise this as a defense in court", according to the New York State Attorney General.

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