This is just becoming a crime?  Because I thought fraud was already a felony.

Apparently, according to news channel 6, staging a car for insurance fraud is now a crime which can be charged as a felony.  Seems to me like this should have been a thing all along.  Governor Cuomo reportedly signed the legislation making it official this past week.

Sure, insurance fraud was already illegal, but the new legislation makes the crime more severe as a felony.  The law has a goal to take aim at "crash-for-cash" schemes according to news channel 6, where people are crashing their cars and trying to get insurance payouts.  The legislation was put into effect and honorably named "Alice's Law" after attempted insurance fraud by car crash resulted in the death of a victim.

All I can say is as someone who works my butt off honestly, I'm glad to see a crack-down on ridiculous and dangerous things like this.

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