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Is Christmas Music Stressing You Out?

It turns out Christmas music stresses a lot of people out. According to psychologists, the bottom line is that it can be triggering. One of the main reasons is that a certain song can stir up bad memories from one's childhood, or a song can stress someone out by reminding them of everything else that comes with the holiday, such as Christmas shopping. (via Fox News)

Alec Baldwin Says He Never Pulled the Trigger

Alec Baldwin is doing his first sit-down interview since the deadly shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust. In a preview of his upcoming ABC tell-all, Baldwin says that he never pulled the trigger and that he would never point a gun at someone and fire it. (via TMZ)

How Many Times Do You Touch Your Face While Driving?

Did you know that you touch your face almost 30 times per hour while driving in the car? According to a new study, we touch our face, hair and shoulders 26.4 times per hour. (via Study Finds)

Billie Eilish Is Owning Her Confidence

For the fifth year in a row, Billie Eilish sits down with Vanity Fair and reflects on her growth over the past year. During this year's chat, the pop star opens up about how this was the year she finally felt free to be who she really is. (via CNN)

People Magazine's 2021 People of the Year Revealed

Dolly Parton, Simon Biles, Sandra Oh and America’s teachers have received the honor of being named People magazine's 2021 People of the Year. (via Just Jared)

America's Next Top Model Contestants Were Reportedly Paid $40 Per Episode

If you're wondering why Tyra Banks is trending again, it's because more information about the alleged mistreatment of contestants on her America's Next Top Model show has been revealed. A former contestant was answering fan questions on Twitter when they revealed that the models were only paid $40 per episode. They also allegedly received no residuals and had to pay for their own food. (via Just Jared)

Meet the President's 'Sexy' Bodyguard

Social media is going wild over how attractive one of President Biden's Secret Service agents is. See for yourself below in this viral TikTok:

Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements That Made Major Headlines

From Beyonce’s record-breaking Instagram announcement to Britney Spears' first pregnancy, we’ve rounded up the most memorable celebrity pregnancies that made history in pop culture. Check it out, below.

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