The recent snowstorms in the midwest portion of the United States have reminded us of our own experiences this winter. Certain areas of Wyoming and Colorado were dealt with snowfall totals in the three foot and four foot range.

CNN reported Garrett, Wyoming's accumulation total at 52.5 inches. That's over four feet of snow, and certainly tops anything we received this winter in one snowstorm. Aspen Park, Colorado came in at 40.3 inches of snowfall as of the report from CNN.

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Syracuse has taken that honor more than any of the five cities which include Binghamton, Rochester, Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse. As of Friday March 12th (last report from Golden Snowball), Binghamton still reigns as the snow king at 99.5 inches.

Buffalo comes in at second, 27.4 inches less than Binghamton (at 72.1 inches), Syracuse is currently in third with 68.8 inches and Rochester on their tail at 64.9 inches.

And how is Binghamton doing nationally? I checked back with the National Weather Service Eastern Region Twitter page, and found that as of March 6th (their last report) we are still atop the chart at 99.2 inches. We have accumulated at least .3 inches more according to the Golden Snowball site.

Back in late February, Binghamton had the most snow in the east by a large margin. Not anymore.

Caribou, Maine is trying to unseat us, coming in second at 91.2 inches. The National Weather Service Eastern Region totals on February 21st had Binghamton at 90.4 inches and Caribou at 74.5. We increased our total by 8.8 inches while Caribou increased their total by 16.7 inches between February 21st and March 6th.

But as exciting as this all may be, I''d like to speak for all of us and say, let's just say no to any more snow accumulation. That is unless there is a check in it for all of us for being number 1 for 2020-2021. But that's not gonna happen.

via CNN, Golden Snowball, National Weather Service Eastern Region

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