If you like to binge watch your favorite shows.....I've got some bad news for you. It looks like the binge watching craze is coming to an end.

Starting in October, Netflix will no longer release episodes of certain series all at once.

Ironically, its the company that started binge watching, Netflix, that is changing it back to the way it was. You know, back in the dark ages where we had to wait a week between each episode. That's torture! It's cruel and unusual punishment!

You can blame the new Disney Plus and Hulu for this change in the way we're watching TV. Hulu releases most of their shows weekly like this latest season of "The Handmaids Tale" and it's already been announced that Disney Plus will be releasing their new, original programming weekly. So, Netflix is following suit. They've announced that their most popular shows, like "Stranger Things" will be released weekly in the future. Now, there is a rumor that for an additional fee (ahhh it's a profit thing!) they will allow users to stream an entire series.  Or you can wait until an entire season of your favorite show is over....like a freakin' caveman! Of course you also have to avoid spoilers for an entire season if you're waiting until it's over to binge it.

For more information about this slap in the face of TV lovers everywhere you can check out this article in www.fatherly.com.

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