iPhones are basically extensions of ourselves these days (or Androids). They hold so much important and everyday information on them, that we need and use.

One woman lost her iPhone in a South Carolina river in June of 2018. It was recently discovered by treasure hunter, Michael Bennett. He was amazed when he found the phone in its waterproof case but even more amazed when he discovered the phone still worked!

"I came across something that looked kind of like a rope maybe attached to car keys, and when I pulled it up, I seen a phone inside of a waterproof case and I'm like, no way, this is unbelievable," he told WCIV.

He contacted the iPhones owner, Erica Bennett (no relation) and she said she lost it in the river last June.

But it was an emotional discovery because the phone contained lost messages from her late father.

"It was kind of emotional because the last thing I have from him is 'hey I'm playing phone tag with you, so I just figured I just text you, how are you feeling?' and I think he had called me after that," she told WCIV. "I'm pretty sure it was Father's Day."


That is so cool!

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