We all have this idea of our dream job, what we want it to be, the pay, etc.! I mean I'm sure most of our dream jobs would be to do nothing  and get paid to d it or be a celebrity/athlete haha but lets be a tad realistic!! I am currently working my dream job as a radio show host and that is very lucky to say because many people aren't that lucky to land their dream job!

Now with ALLLLL that being said... how far would you go to get your dream job?? Maybe go for your masters degree, move anywhere in the country, or take a different route and commit some illegal activity ahaha!

Well 21-year-old Johnny Mullins from Jenkins, Kentucky took the illegal activity route to try and land his dream job, but it didn't exactly end with him getting the job... or any job in general!

Youtube Via News 4Everyone
Youtube Via News 4Everyone

Well Johnny Boy is an aspiring weatherman and he's been posting videos of himself making weather forecasts on Facebook for a little while now, but he hasn't built much of a following. Now as someone in the media industry, if he's serious about being a weatherman, this is a great place to start!! Facebook is free, it allows him to get comfortable in front of an audience, handle live-reporting, etc.!

But sadly Johnny isn't the sunniest weatherman in the industry!

There have been a lot of wildfires in his area lately, so he came up with the horrible idea to set one and film himself in front of it to try to get attention to his videos... No he really is that stupid!

& of course situations only get better when there is video to prove it hahah:

Fortunately no one was hurt in the fire, and the fire department was able to contain it. However, the cops quickly traced the fire back to him and he was arrested for second-degree arson.

I think the saddest part of this entire event happening is that Johnny's video about the fire only got a few thousand views on Facebook hahaha! So not only did he start a fire in order to get TONS of FB views, but he was also arrested, charged and didn't even get close to the amount of views he wanted.

I'm hoping he learns for next time NOT TO START INTENTIONAL WILDFIRES!!!!! And for all you reading this who are still chasing your dream job, don't follow in this idiots footsteps haha just be honest and a hard worker and I'm sure you will go far!!!


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