As millions of people are urged to stay home to limit the spread of coronavirus, Instacart is looking to hire hundreds of thousands of workers to meet surging demand for grocery deliveries.

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The on-demand grocery startup said Monday that it seeks to hire 300,000 "full-service shoppers," who are treated as independent contractors, in North America over the next three months due to increased demand spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. That would more than double its current workforce of full-service shoppers.
"The last few weeks have been the busiest in Instacart's history and our teams are working around the clock to reliably and safely serve all members of our community," said Instacart founder and CEO Apoorva Mehta in a statement.
Amazon and Walmart have also recently announced they plan to hire at least 100,000 workers due to increased customer demand.
Instacart includes a contract workforces and also has about 12,000 in-store shoppers who are considered part-time employees.
Instacart, which operates in 5,500 cities in North America, said the need for more workers is where it is seeing the most customer demand, including California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, and Ohio.

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