You can almost hear the buzzing of the bees when you look at this picture of a beehive that was found in a home.

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If you have a fear of bees, this story may make you uneasy.

about 40-thousand bees from a historic home. Turns out, the hive was 30 feet long.  All of the bees, including the queen were safely taken to a local farm.

Our neighbor is a beekeeper and has told me that the bees are more active these days than ever. Some of the bees you find in the woods (away from the sun) are appearing to be more aggressive these days. The weather shifts most likely have lots to do with that.

I have taught our boys that not all bees are bad bees. The honey that our neighbor gets from his hives is great for our family. Not only as a sweet treat. But it has also helped us in the fight against seasonal allergies! I have become a little less nervous around bees. But even an expert would probably have to do a double take at the size and sound of the Tennessee beehive!

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