I have noticed that ever since the weather warmed up this weekend I have been seeing a lot more bugs. Everywhere I go lately I discover some sort of bug. Spiders seem to be the popular insect but recently over the last two days it has been flies, bees and today a dragonfly.

Now for the record I am not a fan of squishing bugs. I am the put them back outside person. Even Stink Bugs get set back out the door in my house. So today when I was in the studio and noticed a dragonfly bouncing around on the ceiling I knew I had to catch it and put it back outdoors.

I am not real sure how he got into the studio but I was determined to safely return him to the outside. You see dragonflies are lucky. I don't mean they are lucky I mean they bring good luck. Folklore around dragonflies varies but mostly it is about good fortune. Don't take my word for it checkout Icy Sedgwick. Not only do they explain why dragonflies are good luck but they also explore the folklore of Dragonflies around the globe. If you fish dragonflies are your friend.

So how did I get the dragonfly off the ceiling and back to the great outdoors? Simple I stood on a chair covered him with a cup and then carefully slid a piece of paper between the cup and the ceiling. Once I made sure he was in the cup I then carried the covered cup and set him free. FYI if you do this with bees or spiders use a glass so that they can't crawl up the sides and sting you.

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