There are constantly new surveys coming out about literally everything and anything! A more recent one interviewed over 2,000 adults on how they show someone they care... & the results are extremely interesting!

I mean yes we all care for others in different ways. For example, I care for my boyfriend by making his favorite meal, or picking up his favorite candy when I'm at the store haha! I care for Louie by bringing him food whenever I possibly can!! And this survey was kind of similar to that!

Here is just a shortened list from the survey on ways people show they care! & if you don't do these things it doesn't mean you don't care, but maybe it can give you some new ideas on how to show people!!

Jackie Nutt
Jackie Nutt - P.S.: Flowers are ALWAYS a good go to!!!!!!

Here ya go....

1. Cooking them something they like.

2. Asking if they're okay.

3. Saying "I love you" for no reason.

4. Giving them a spontaneous hug.

5. Randomly texting them to see how they're doing.

6. Listening to them when they need to unload about a problem.

7. Saying "thank you."

8. Sharing your food with them.

Interestingly enough as well, the survey also found the average person does at least ONE of these things every single day. And while six in ten of those polled do something to show they care, more than four in ten admit to doing it to earn brownie points they can bank for later! (no surprise!!!)

No matter how you show affection just make sure you're showing those you care about, that you care about them!!!! Take a look at the full list! (may get some new ideas, ya never know!!)


[VIA: DailyMail ]

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