Tis the season to get your Girl Scout cookies and if you are looking to have some fun with these tasty treats, check out what wines go great with what cookies!

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The website www.redtri.com put together a list of which wines bring out the best flavors from each cookie.

Thin Mints

If you really must pair these with anything other than milk, make it a sweet dessert wine like a Sherry or Muscat. Not a fan of sweet wines? Go for a softer red like a Merlot or Syrah.


Samoas & Caramel deLites

As the most decadent cookie in the Girl Scout collection, the Samoa or Caramel deLite should be paired with an equally sweet and rich wine. Pour a glass of of dessert wine like a Tawny Port.


Tagalongs & Peanut Butter Patties

Combining sweet berries with savory notes, a cab sav is the perfect complement to the Girl Scouts' tasty marriage of chocolate and peanut butter.


Trefoils & Shortbread

Pair them with a Moscato or a Riesling to really bring out their vanilla notes.


Do-si-Dos & Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Pair these salty, sweet peanut butter cookies with a soft, fruity red like a Merlot, Shiraz or Pinot Noir for the perfect balance.


Girl Scout S'mores

A light, sparkly glass of the blush-colored wine, or even a Sparkling Rosé, pairs perfectly with this sandwich cookie.


Lemonades & Lemon-Ups

The light, lemony goodness of these crispy cookies pairs perfectly with a citrusy, but sweet dessert wine like Riesling.

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