Acts of kindness and assistance continue to pour in during the coronavirus pandemic. During our food drive last week for Broome County CHOW, our community stepped up to assist families in need, donating money which will allow CHOW to purchase over 20,000 meals. That's awesome.

And these types of good deeds are happening all around our country and from places you'd never imagine.

A bit of history: The Great Famine took place in Ireland from 1945 to 1849.  According to an article from NBC News, in 1847, the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma sent the country of Ireland, 170 dollars to assist them in their fight to end the famine.

Fast forward a little over 170 years later, many residents of the country of Ireland have returned the favor to the Choctaw Nation, by helping them in this pandemic time of need, raising over two million dollars to assist the Hopi and Navajo Nations.

NBC News reports that as of early this week, there have been 2700 Covid-19 cases and 70 deaths in the Navajo Nation. That translates to a very high number given the population.

"An overdue debt repaid on behalf of our ancestors to your ancestors. Stay strong,” read a note attached to one $30 donation. - NBC News

We've seen many acts of kindness and assistance from within our country, but to see the compassion from other countries, gives us such an appreciation of what people around the globe will do to help. We've heard "We are all in this together" many times over, but acts like this really brings home that message.

Kudos to everyone in Ireland for their donations even when they themselves are going through this coronavirus pandemic the same as everyone else is around the world.

via NBC News

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