It's a sign of the times -- Harry Styles is a legit movie star.

Dunkirk, the searing World War Two drama starring the One Direction member-turned-solo star, opened number one at the box office this past weekend, reeling in $50.5 million.

The film, which marks Styles' big-screen debut, totaled $105.9 million globally, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Many people were curious to see how Styles would carry himself, especially considering his first swing at film was in such a high-profile project. The reviews for his performance were good and he appears not to have overshadowed the Christopher Nolan-directed effort.

How Styles' performance and the film's showing affects his aspirations as a thespian remains to be seen. He has no other roles (that are known, anyway) on the horizon, but you'd have to think Dunkirk rolling at the box office and positive word of his work spreading can only help his cause.

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