Halloween is right around the corner and we may or may not dress up and go trick-or-treating but we always like to dress up our dog in a cute or funny costume. Check out the pictures of our dog, Freddie, from past Halloweens and take a look at some of the pet costumes that are available this year for your furry friend.

 I always found it fun to dress our dog, Freddie, up for Halloween each year. Actually, if I found something funny or cute to put on him throughout the year, I would. There have been so many pet costumes over the years. Freddie has been everything from a UPS man, a Disney fan complete with little mouse ears, an emoji poop head, Eeyore, a lion, an elf, and more.

When I had my Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Keiko, we used to have him pick the winners of the horse races at the Saratoga Race Track. We called him "Keiko the Calculating Corgi". This was the costume he wore while picking the races. It also doubled as a Halloween costume. When he ran, the jockey would bounce and it would look like he was actually riding Keiko.

Freddie's Past Costumes

I also decided to check out some of the new pet costumes that are available for him to wear this Halloween. There is quite a selection and even though my dog is smaller, around eighteen pounds, the costumes are fitted for all sizes. Obviously some pet costumes look better on larger or smaller dogs. Check out the amazing variety of costumes that you can get on Amazon. Click HERE to look through them or buy them for your furry friend.

Halloween Pet Costumes

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