Last week we learned that you can actually get paid to sit back, relax, and do what many of us are already doing during the holiday Hallmark movies.  24 movies, 12 days, just direct deposit the money into my account, I've fulfilled the requirement already.

Turns out that isn't all Hallmark has up their sleeves this year, as they've rolled out a new board game for fans that is sure to spice up the family game night - Hallmark Monopoly.  Now it's important to note that this isn't specifically Hallmark Christmas Monopoly, it has some general Hallmark attributes as part of the design - think of all the cheesy elements we love about the movies, and tie those into the game.

Check this description out, from a recent article on scar:

Everything from the seasonal board to the collectible tokens is Hallmark-themed, Hallmark says on their site. So whether you’re buying a Christmas tree farm or a bed & breakfast, you’ll experience all the thrills of the beloved board game in a Hallmark kind of way.

The paper money features their trademark doggie wearing a scarf and the railroad is actually called “When Calls the Heart Railroad” after the channel’s incredibly popular series. They’ve honestly thought of every festive detail and we’re here for it.

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