I know we all complain about the ridiculously high price of movie popcorn, but that is the one thing I look forward to when I go to the movies. It is a nice way to treat ourselves. But, one guy doesn't agree. He thinks it is distracting his experience of enjoying a movie.

In England, movie buff Mike Shotton is calling for an unusual ban- he wants all popcorn gone from movie theaters. Mike says his enjoyment of films is constantly ruined by others chomping down on the snack, including his recent viewing of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" which was spoiled by children rustling and chowing down on popcorn.

So he started a petition on the website PetitionBuzz.com, but so far only has 126 signatures. That's far less than the 573,000 who have so far signed a petition on the U.K. government's official website calling for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump to be banned from visiting the United Kingdom.

Shotton complains on the petition site that theater chains "bombard us with constant reminders to be quiet during the film and then they sell the loudest food known to man on the premises." (Huffington Post)

What do you think of this? Yes or hell no to the ban?

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