New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he and his team are traveling to states where recreational marijuana is legal to hear if the goals set before legalization have been met and what problems have cropped up.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo official photo
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo official photo


The Democrat says he plans to visit Massachusetts, Illinois and California or Colorado that have all legalized cannabis in different ways but all with core principals related to market regulation, public health, public safety and benefits to their state and local economies.The Democrat says he wants to see if things have played out as planned. 

The Governor says he also wants to see how the states have handled dealing with their neighbors.  Cuomo says for New York, “you don’t want people driving to New Jersey because they can get more in New Jersey or they have a different age… or a lower tax rate…”

Cuomo says he wants to see legal marijuana passed "by April one."

It’s been unclear if there is enough support in the New York State Legislature to get the measure through with the budget before the April first start of the fiscal year.  The Republican Senate has been leaning against legalizing marijuana just now.  Binghamton State Senator Fred Akshar has been a vocal opponent to the plans to legalize pot in New York.

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