Schools and business will now remain closed for another month as we work through the coronavirus pandemic.

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While the pandemic news is improving day today, we still have a long way to go before things get back to normal and now New York Pause will last at least another month. Governor Cuomo extended stay at home measures through May 15 today for schools and businesses, according to a Times Union story.  While the pandemic situation has stabilized, many are still checking into hospitals each day.

I think at this point the staying home part we are used to, but the tough part right now is still the lack of economic activity. That is going to be the tough thing for New Yorkers to deal with over the coming month. We have been at this for a month now which has been a tough period for so many; it is hard to imagine how tough financially another month could be. But bottom line is, the stay at home measures, in the long run, are saving lives.

Let's hope the positive progress continues and in another month we get to focus on finally reopening things!

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