It’s anybody’s guess, whether FOX’s Gotham is genuinely meant to blossom into Batman’s beginnings, or weave its own take on the title mythology, but Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome has at least consistently excited fans. We know the proto-Joker’s presence will be felt in 2017's return, but is Monaghan himself teasing full-on Joker makeup on Twitter?

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as the Shameless star appears to have deleted the relevant post, but Monaghan’s fans couldn’t help reacting to a mysterious photo tweeted Tuesday, which saw the actor looking uncannily close to Jack Nicholson’s 1989 take on the Joker. The makeup, the eyebrows and purple all seemed to be there, a glimpse of which you can catch below (via ComicBook), while snapshots of the full photo are easily found on social media:

Producers previously teased the prospect of a “Joker Cult” forming through Seasons 3 and 4 in Jerome’s wake, while promos for the 2017 premiere overwhelmingly implied the character’s presence. The FOX DC drama tipped heavily toward the character’s Joker future before Season 2 outing “The Last Laugh” killed off Jerome; insinuating his legacy as a “Joker Virus” on the city. Jerome himself has scarcely been referenced since (save for an audio cameo in the Season 2 finale).

Time will tell if 2017 actually returns Monaghan to Gotham in full Joker mode, so stay tuned for details of the January premiere.

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