Some residents enjoying their favorite programs on FOX 40 are finding the plug pulled, sometimes right in the middle of their program, due to a dispute between Charter/Spectrum Cable and Northwest Broadcasting.

A message replaced the television shows on the screen starting February 2,  starting right in the middle of the programs including the popular Ellen show.

Spectrum claims Northwest is demanding unreasonably high fees to carry programming while a statement from Northwest last week blasted Spectrum’s fees for their packages and even the channel guide.

Spectrum claims it is negotiating “in good faith” and has viewers “best interests in mind” while Northwest called for Spectrum to give viewers a refund for paying for something the cable company has now taken away.

Spectrum claims Northwest is demanding to be paid more than any other network outlet dealing with the cable company and says Northwest is

Each side is blaming the other for pulling the plug.  The blackout continued throughout the weekend and included shutting down sporting programs like college basketball.


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