Three years ago, Carly Leary and her little sister Maddison experienced one of the most traumatic events a child can endure when they lost their father to cancer.

Luckily, they still had their mother, a cancer survivor, to prop them up and carry on.  Earlier this year, they lost their home, when Hurricane Ida ravaged Lambertville and in particular, the Village Apartments on Main Street.

Again, it was the persistence of their mother, who ensured they had a roof over their heads, safety, and all relative happiness.

Recently, their mother's breast cancer had returned, more aggressive than ever.  Rebecca Ann Leary, 50 passed away unexpectedly on November 19th.

This tragedy hit especially close to home here at the station for PST’s Wade, who grew up in Lambertville, and has been lifelong friends with “Becky” and her family.

Carly is 23 years old, engaged, and will now be raising her 13-year-old sister, picking up where her parents left off. The GoFundMe has been set up to aid in this effort so that they both have a fair shot at life without getting buried in debt.

"To help offset any future costs and to ensure that the girls are taken of, we are starting this GoFundMe in hopes of aiding them through this difficult time," the GoFundMe organizers wrote on the page. They've set a goal of $100,000, and as of Monday morning (November 29), had raised nearly $32,000.

94.5 PST is not directly affiliated with this GoFundMe campaign.

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