Water Slide World, one of the first water slide parks built in the United States, used to be a family Summer destination in Lake George. Now the family fun park sits empty.

Water Slide World was built in 1979 and featured the first Wave Pool in New York State, added in 1984. After years of Summer fun, Water Slide World stayed closed after the 2017 season. The owner, Gary Koncikowski died unexpected in May 2018 and his wife Dawn couldn't run the park on her own. "I cannot fill my sneakers and his, as I am lacking some of the required certifications that only Gary held," she shared. "I have decided not to open Water Slide World for the 2018 Summer season. I will be back in 2019 all certified and ready to share another summer with you."

The 2019 Summer season arrived, but the family fun park remained closed. The entrance that once welcomed visitors now sits empty. The slides that once carried children on rushing waters now sit dry, covered with leaves. The pools, where families once found relief from the heat are now filled with green water.

Dan Laroe of Northeastern Abandoned Exploration went inside Water Slide World and you can see more pictures at Northeastern Abandoned Exploration on Facebook or Dan Laroe's 'Under the Bridge' website utbddanlaroe.com.

***At request of photographer Dan Laroe, these photos have been removed from our website***

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