We all strive to be happy, but it's easier said than done! Some people try extreme things like skydiving, or parachuting to make them happy, others find enjoyment in exercising, and some find enjoyment in a good book!

There are constantly new articles, blogs, and surveys coming out that tell us ways we maybe happier, or activities that offer the most enjoyment. But you can make yourself happy with simple habits and changes that allow you to fully experience life!

Jackie Nutt
Jackie Nutt - I enjoy life by dressing up in fun onesies with my best friend!!!

Below is a list of 7 things you need to give up/change to make yourself happy. Now that may seem daunting and like very broad statement because I don't know you personally, or your life, or why you maybe unhappy. However, these 7 changes will allow you to open your eyes to the positivity in the word, and in turn be very happy!!!

7 things you need to give up/change in order to be happy:

1. Give up the need to always be right! (scary thought I know!)... It's okay to admit you're wrong sometimes, because everyone is.


2. Try not to dwell on self-defeating thoughts! Basically, don't sit around thinking about how you might fail, or coming up with reasons NOT to do things.

3. Stop trying to impress everyone. You won't be happy if you're constantly worried about what other people think, make yourself happy!

4. Stop resisting change. Sometimes change is bad, but it's also inevitable.

5. Try not to put labels on things. Most stuff is more complicated than that, and you should try to understand them better.

6. Try to conquer your fears, or at least be mindful of WHY you're afraid, because sometimes it's all in your head.

7. Stop worrying about the past. It's okay to worry about the future and good to plan ahead, but try to be happy in the moment as much as you can.

Think that all seems easy enough... well here are 8 more things you need to do to be happy!!! Good luck!


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