A fast-food restaurant wants to give everyone in America free chicken nuggets today and you don't even have to make a purchase. Here are the details. Wendy's announced that since they can't give out free hugs because of social distancing rules, they want to give everyone free nuggs - chicken nuggets that is.

I love this idea, not just because I love Wendy's chicken nuggets and free food, but I am a hugger. This lockdown has been hard on all of us extroverts. All I want to do is give out free hugs. I know I can't, so I will be taking advantage of this. Thanks, Wendy's.

According to News 10 ABC, Wendy's wants to give customers a free order of four-piece spicy or crispy chicken nuggets on Friday. This will be available at all drive-thru locations. You don't even have to buy anything else.

Wendy's wants to just hug all of their customers for showing their outpouring of love in their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic, but since they can't, they want to give you free nuggets.

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