We're all stuck at home, so TBS is helping out a little bit. TBS will be airing six-hours worth of Friends episodes every weekday, according to Delish.com. The episodes will air from 10 am until 4 pm. Yeah, that's six hours of non-stop time the Friends gang (through May 18).

I wasn't a fan of Friends when it was really popular, but I am a huge fan of it now. I could sit and watch episodes for hours and laugh until I cry. I love all the characters and can't wait for the reunion to air.

I think a lot of networks understand that people are abiding by the stay at home orders that states have issued and are home for hours and hours on end, with sometimes not much to do.

I could not be happier to watch all ten seasons of my favorite show when I get home from the radio station every day. This wonderfulness of episodes will end sadly on May 18th, so get to watching or save it on your DVR for the next time nothing is on TV.

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