If there's going to be some story of a workplace wardrobe disaster, there is an excellent chance that it is going to happen to me, the Queen of Klutz.

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I've had my fair share of workplace mishaps over the years, but the most mortifying happened to me just yesterday. I have a favorite pair of athletic pants that I wear quite often and yesterday was no different. Athletic pants, a radio station fleece, sneakers, hair in a ponytail. Life was good. Until it wasn't.

No sooner did I sit down at my chair in the studio than the entire crotch of my favorite athletic pants decide that exact moment would be the best to unstitch, leaving me with crotchless pants. At work. Fantastic.

It's not like I have a job where I can explain the situation and run home fast to change. I host a show and the show must go on, pants crotch intact or not.

Losing the entire inside of my pants isn't something I was prepared for or even knew how to fix (I walked like a penguin all day with my legs tightly smushed together and arms holding my fleece as low as I could get it to go) but there are a bunch of other situations I've found myself in and I figured if you're even a tiny bit as accident-prone as I am, you would appreciate these.

Five Workplace Wardrobe Fails and How to Fix Them Like a Boss

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