I love pickles. I like pickles in my bloody marys, on my chicken sandwiches, or just by themselves. I also love pickle juice. I make my BBQ sauce using pickle juice and it takes it to another level.

I have occasionally drank pickle juice, and apparently it was good for me.

The benefits of drinking pickle juice actually extend beyond keeping you hydrated.

Pre and Post Workout Drink- We lose a lot of essential nutrients when working out. Our sweat is the culprit. We lose sodium and potassium when working out and sweating, which affects our electrolyte balance. The calcium chloride and vinegar in pickle juice makes sodium and potassium more easily absorbed by the body.

Treats and Prevents Muscle Cramps- Pickle juice can prevent and treat your muscle cramps. Pickle juice will hydrate you the same way a post-workout drink would and prevents cramping.

Digestion- Since vinegar is a fermented food, pickle juice is great for digestion. It encourages growth of flora and healthy bacteria within your gut.

Cures Hangovers- Not only will pickle juice cover up the smell of alcohol on your breath, but will help you get you day started. Pickle juice will balance your electrolytes, and will hydrate you quickly if combined with water.

Antioxidants- Pickle juice is full of antioxidants, electrolytes, and is high in vitamin C and calcium. These antioxidants prevent free radicals and the nutrients are more readily absorbed into the body because of the juice's acidic content.

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