When you go outside in the Southern Tier on Friday night, make sure you take a look into the sky.

The Draconid meteor shower began on Wednesday, October 6th, and will be visible throughout the world until Sunday, October 10th. However, Friday, October 8th will be the peak night, especially in our area.

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We have good news and bad news. The good news is that you'll be able to see this in the Northern Hemisphere (that includes the Southern Tier). The bad news is that the weather may not cooperate. I know that comes as a surprise for the residents of our area.

According to WBNG-TV, it looks like we'll have a partly cloudy sky. If you want to try and get a good look at it, the best time will be shortly after nightfall. If you are an early bird this is the meteor shower for you.

It's called the Draconid meteor shower because the meteors in the shower originate from the star constellation, "Draco." Take a look up to the north/northwest after nightfall because that's about where the constellation will be -- right next to both the Big and Little Dippers

Draconids are known as  "sleepy" showers with only five meteors per hour. It may not be the most dazzling shower that you've ever seen but compared to the one that is coming next week, this is the one to catch...so to speak.

I can't tell you how many times that I've walked from my car into the house and never took a glance skyward. My daughter, Tara has helped me to take a moment and enjoy the beauty up above.

She will say to me, "Look up Daddy, it's gorgeous looking up there." So take some time this evening to catch the Draconid meteor shower.

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