If you are like me, every day traveling roadways around the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania can be a challenge. It's not so much about the road as it is about other the motorists around you.

The most common things I encounter and have a short fuse about, include motorists in front of me driving well below the speed limit and those who don't take the right turn on red when it's safe to do so.

And how about those motorists who pass you only to pull in front of your vehicle and take an exit just ahead? Are you really saving anytime? Couldn't you just stay behind my vehicle for that extra 5 or 10 seconds? Nah.

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We all have our opinions on what state has the worst drivers. I tend to think it's New Jersey, followed by New York State and Pennsylvania. Did I get it right? Those of us in each of these three states would be proud of that distinction.

Well, according to a study of 2019 traffic statistics conducted by Friend, Levinson & Turner LTD, I am way off. As a matter of fact, those three states all fall in the bottom of 50 states. The study ranks each state through several categories including DUI arrests, collision fatalities, and uninsured drivers among others.

So how did New York State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania rank for worst drivers? And what are the top five states with the worst drivers? The study may surprise you. It did me. Remember, the lower on the list of 50 states, the better drivers in that state are.

Ranking States With The Worst Drivers

via Friend, Levinson & Turner LTD

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