According to the History Channel, Halloween has been celebrated on the last day of October dating back at least 2,000 years. It was actually an ancient Celtic Festival called Samhain.

According to the Washington Post, there is a petition on to change Halloween's date so it's always the last Saturday in October. So far, over 28,000 people have signed it. That way it would be more like Memorial Day which is always the last Monday in May.

On the bright side, if it was on the last Saturday of October, kids that go trick-or-treating would not have to worry about getting up early to go to school the next day. And people like me who put a bunch of animatronics and props all over our yard would have more time to set that stuff up because we wouldn't be rushing home from work to lug everything outside.

As it is now, almost adults that host Halloween parties will throw them either on the Friday or the Saturday before.

I'm sure there will be a lot of people that want to keep Halloween more like Independence Day which is always on July 4th. I've actually blogged about that in the past too. I think Independence Day should always be on July 4th, but my personal opinion is the National holiday should always be observed on the Friday closest to the Fourth of July. That way we all get three day weekends.

So how do you feel about moving Halloween to the last Saturday in October? Vote below.

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