The Food-A-Bago food drive to benefit Broome County CHOW has happened every single year for over twenty years and we are excited to tell you that it will happen again in 2022.

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The Food-a-Bago Food Drive RV will be open and accepting donations from October 31-November 7.

The Food-A-Bago food drive has evolved in incredible ways over the years and in recent years, we were so excited to see local organizations, businesses, and individuals participate in our Shopping Cart Challenge.

For every $1 donated, CHOW is able to turn that into FIVE COMPLETE meals. $1 can buy a single can of soup or it can be used to provide FIVE complete meals to someone in our community who is struggling with food insecurity.

While we absolutely look forward to the return of the Shopping Cart Challenge, we remind you just how far monetary donations can go. For instance, if someone planned to spend $100 in the Shopping Cart Challenge, CHOW can take that $100 and turn it into 500 complete meals. For those who planned to spend $250, that translates to 1,250 complete meals and $500 translates to a staggering 2,500 complete meals. Even donating that $5 bill stuffed in the center console of your car could provide 25 complete meals (or over two weeks of meals).

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We will also be accepting checks during our Food-A-Bago food drive. If you will be writing a check, please make it payable to our charity partner, Music for the Mission. When you give, your donation is tax-deductible, so please let us know if you'd like a donation receipt.


Note: monetary donations will be kept in a safe and the safe will be emptied several times a day.

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